What is The Average Allowance for Sugar babies?

Sugar Daddy Allowance

These are just some of the pressing questions troubling both new and experienced sugar daddies. Luckily, once you read this detailed guide, you'll no longer have anything to worry about! We will take you through the different expenses and payment modes you should consider before you 'go out' with your sugar baby. Note that all these facts are from the personal experiences of professional sugar daddies.

Understanding The Average Allowance For Your Sugar Baby!

"There are two simple approaches to help you come up with a standard allowance value," says one sugar daddy. "You can either pay her for every visit, or decide on a monthly allowance," he adds.

How does the pay per visit work?

Well, here you pay the girl for every date you have together. Of course, the costs may differ depending on your location. However, this sugar daddy says that in major cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, the lowest amount is 300 dollars and 500 dollars as the average amount. The most popular ladies here 'charge' a figure ranging between $500 and $1800. The prices are heavily reduced once it comes to the smaller cities. The lowest amount stands at $200 and the average between $300 and $500. The most popular lady here would usually require something around 800 to 1500 dollars.

How About Monthly Allowance?

If you decide to settle on this mode of payment, you should know that while you can do it once, it requires a large amount of cash. Also, just as the pay-per-visit system, ladies from large cities are more costly.

The lowest charges $2000, the average one $3000 and getting a top woman here, you'll need to spend almost 10, 000 dollars. Those from the smaller cities and towns would usually require $1000 for the lowest and $5000 for the highest.

Should I Choose The 'Pay-per-date' or the monthly allowance?

Once you review the two modes of payment, it's only normal for you to be asking yourself this question. Even if you consider the price, picking out the best method may still pose a considerable challenge. To help you out, take a look at their separate advantages.

Advantages of Pay-per-visit

How Often Do You Want To Meet Her?

"Take enough time to discuss on the frequency of your meetings with your sugar baby," says another experienced sugar daddy. It may vary from 3 times in a month to 3 to 4 times a week. It's all dependent on how much both of you want to 'have' each other and what you intend on doing on these dates. Besides, keep in mind that it's not always about sex but adventure, company, and communication. Now, if you're one of those sugar daddies who love to keep a 'healthy collection' of sugar babies, planning your 'visits' is something else you'll need to consider carefully. "Whichever the case or situation you find yourself in, how often you meet will always depend on your financial capabilities," he adds.

What Type of Dating Are You Searching For?

There are many different, successful relationships which you could benefit from. All of them come with their various financial wants. Carefully consider these cost obligations before you commit yourself to any date.

• Sugar dates- This is arguably the most preferred method of getting an attractive sugar baby. The outings include dinner dates in fancy and expensive restaurants, good company and 'hot,' incredibly sexy nights. As the sugar daddy, your financial responsibility will be to pay for the restaurant bills and costs of accommodation.

• Shopping outings-"If you're dating a sugar baby less often, the gentleman thing to do is to go shopping with your babe whenever you're together," says one sugar daddy. "Get her some fantastic outfits, and she'll greatly appreciate your kindness and character."

• Foreign trips and out-of-town tour dates- Hotels and restaurants can at times feel boring. The good thing is the outdoors are a fantastic option for you two to relax and enjoy. Besides, nothing screams 'fun' like booking a trip to an unfamiliar and somewhat mysterious place. Mostly, such dates are held at luxurious country clubs.

Vacation Dates- It's normal for sugar daddies to take long relaxation trips to escape from their usual, tedious work routines. If you love doing this too, then why not make your sugar babe along with you the next time you decide to go on vacation? It's quite pleasurable 'investment,' and you're sure to bring home some unforgettable memories.

How Long Do You Want Your Average Date To Last?

The other crucial point you'll need to carefully look at before 'investing' in any sugar baby is the duration of your' meetings.' "I only need 5 hours with my sugar babe," one sugar daddy says. "We have dinner, drinks, go for a short walk then find some 'private time,' "he adds.

Do You Want A Classy 'Chic'?

A sugar baby with a psychology degree will demand a more substantial sum of money from a typical high-school graduate. After all, she has the right to do so. She's intelligent, smart, and an excellent conversation

Unfortunately, to enjoy the 'exotic' services of such a lady, you'll often have to pay around $5,000 monthly. Keep in mind that when you're in public, this lady will be a reflection of your power and growing status.

What Standards Of Beauty Are You Looking For?

It's common for any new sugar daddy to go looking for top or aspiring young models. While it's a fantastic choice, it's better to have your sugar babe expectations. How fit do you want her? Do you want a curvy sugar baby? These are some of the questions that should be on your mind! Once you find her, be ready to pay accordingly. Besides, the beauty of your sugar baby shows you have a rich taste in women and gives you a whole different image. If this is what you're looking for, expect to pile a lot of cash into her!

What Influences The Sugar Baby Allowance?

Now, first, you need to understand that while there are other 'external factors' that may determine how much you should pay for your sugar baby. Usually, the decision rests on the lady herself. How does she look like, what are her wishes and experiences? Is she a woman with good self-esteem? These are just some of the things you should ask yourself

However, we've seen that often, sugar babies and daddies will agree on a small amount of money as they try to understand how the world of sugar dating works. What's more, the more times a lady spends in sugar dating, the higher her earnings. Remember that she has the luxury and freedom of going for another sugar daddy if you don't meet her given requirements.

When Do You Talk About The Payment?

We've talked about what you need to pay and how to spend on your sugar babe, but when should you have this 'money' discussion? Well, judging from the comments of many experienced sugar daddies, it's better to do it on the dating website or before your first date or encounter. Take time and listen to her demand then let her know if you'll be able to meet them or not. If you decide to go out with the lady and are pleased with her, you can always increase her allowance. The critical thing is to do this within the right time and not immediately. Make sure that you know and like her!

What's The Most Suitable Way To Make Payments?

We live in a world of improved digital capabilities. So, when it comes to processing allowances, you're free to use cash, bank, or card transfers. "It's just safer for my sugar baby and me if I give her cash after every date," says one sugar daddy.

You can also use PayPal to send 'your girl' her allowance. Others prefer bank transactions, but it may seem a bit suspicious if you go asking the lady for her card information.

Take Note Of The Strange Offers Coming From Sugar Babies

There are times when sugar babies can act rather weirdly by asking you to give them cash for strange things. "I met up with this lady who requested for an allowance even before our first meeting," complains one sugar daddy. "It didn't feel right, I knew I was getting scammed," he adds. If you happen to feel this way too, don't waste your time with that girl. It's quite shocking that some will request payment for just texting; crazy, right? Well, don't waste your time with these types of sugar babies. Instead, look for another suitable option, one who's concerned and responsible in her attitude and character.

Other sugar babies will want you to pay them for simple, casual dates with no intimacy. This type of dating relationship simply doesn't make sense, and a majority of sugar daddies are not looking for that. Why should you waste your time too?

Other Things To Consider Before Settling On Your Sugar Baby Allowance

Here are other additional skills that will give you further control over your sugar dating relationship.

Always Expect Some Extra Costs

Other than just the allowance, your sugar baby will require other things too. For instance, it could be a nice present for your first date. In most cases, this will cost you a rough amount of around $50. Taxi bills, luxurious shopping, and hefty restaurant fees are other essential factors you need to consider if you're in a long-term sugar baby relationship.

How Should I Keep Myself From Scandalous Ladies?

Sadly, some unfair girls are only out to 'squeeze' your finances without offering anything else in return. So, to keep yourself safe from these ladies, the first and most important thing you should do is to understand how they can scam you:


Sugar dating is always a beneficial practice for those involved. You save a considerable chunk of time, and both of you get just what you needed in a relationship. What's more, there are a wide variety of young, beautiful, and attractive women who are ready to get into a 'no-strings-attached' kind of relationship.

The only thing that may stand in your way is deciding on the allowance. Luckily, you now have trusted guidelines that should help you clear out the matter in no time. Good luck!